More eco-efficient and sustainable WWTPs

The artICA4nr project, whose objective is to optimise nitrogen removal wastewater treatment plants, moves ahead

2nd face-to-face meeting artICA4nr project

The Consortium of the artICA4nr project at the Chelas WWTP (Lisbon, Portugal)

CEIT-IK4’s Environmental Engineering Area coordinated the second face-to-face meeting of the artICA4nr European project (Replication of the art-ICA controllers for improving the eco-efficiency and sustainability of nutrient removal wastewater treatment plants, Grant agreement no. 630386:

Funded by the European Eco-innovation programme, the project’s main objectives are to jumpstart and promote art-ICA —a product for automatic control that optimises nitrogen removal in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)— in the marketplace.

The artICA4nr project aims to result in exponential growth in sales of the art-ICA product by implementing it in three wastewater treatment plants: the Navarrosillos WWTP (Madrid, 113 kh-e), the Velilla de San Antonio WWTP (Madrid, 123 kh-e) and the Chelas WWTP (Lisbon, 210 kh-e). art-ICA‘s performance will be measured in these three WWTPs, and their benefits will quantified by means of environmental and economic indicators.

Equally important, the lessons learned during the implementation of art-ICA will be compiled and used to produce commercial content that will be used in presentations specifically geared towards WWTP operators in Spain and Portugal and in specialist international trade fairs. Additionally, the project’s results will be published in international and national specialist journals.

Second face-to-face meeting

The purpose of the meeting, which was held at the Chelas WWTP this past December, was to discuss the current technical status of each task involved in the project and plan the next set of tasks to carry out. Various subjects related to project management, exploitation and dissemination activities and commercial plans for art-ICA were discussed.

Representatives of all the project’s partners —internationally renowned experts in water and wastewater— attended at the meeting.

The consortium of partner includes two public utilities (Canal de Isabel II Gestión SA and SIMTEJO), a company that will bring the art-ICA product to market (MSI-Grupo), a university (Facultad de Ciências e Tecnologia/Universidadde Nova of Lisbon) and a research centre as project coordinator (CEIT-IK4 Centre of Studies and Technical Research of Gipuzkoa).

The partners also had the chance to visit the WWTP that SIMTEJO manages in Lisbon, one of the sites where the art-ICA control product will be installed.

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