Replication of the art-ICA controllers for improving the eco-efficiency and sustainability of
nutrient removal wastewater treatment plants

Quality of the Treated Water

Lower levels of pollutants in treated effluents, achieving -10 % of total nitrogen emissions

Savings in Operational Costs

Reductions in energy, reactants and chemical by-products costs, achieving -20 % of operational costs

Process Stability

Optimisation of the aeration system
and the hydraulic pump units, achieving a superior overall plant stability
  • Quality of the Treated Water 10%
  • Savings in operational costs 20%
  • Process stability 100%

The artICA4nr (art-ICA controllers for nutrient removal) project aims to promote the use and encourage the market penetration of the art-ICA controllers, a novel advanced control solution for biological nutrient removal wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs).

The art-ICA controllers, based on an eco-innovative optimisation of the operation of biological reactors, inmediatedly lead WWTPs to significant improvements in the quality of the treated water combined with process stability and apreciable savings in operational costs such as energy, reactants and chemical by-products, which means an improvement in the productivity of the whole system.

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