European Projects at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The artICA4nr project


ArtICA4nr proposes a multivariable advanced control solution for sustainable operation of nutrient removal urban WWTPs. The artICA4nr project aims to accelerate and stimulate the market deployment of the art-ICA automatic controllers.

The art-ICA controllers have been operating in the Galindo (Bilbao) and Mekolalde (Bergara) WWTPs in Spain for several years, demonstrating their outstanding capacity for improving the quality of treated water and reducing energy consumption. The challenge in the coming years will be to grow the product’s sales exponentially. To do this, the project’s planned exploitation and commercial dissemination activities (organizing workshops in Spain, attending international trade fairs, publishing in specialist journals, etc.) will be complemented by the installation of art-ICA in at least four new WWTPs, two in Spain and two in Portugal.